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We are dedicated to helping women make transformative changes in their lives! The testimonials below are just a few of the ladies that have been personally touched by our ministry! If we have helped you in any way, feel free to leave us some love at the bottom of this page! We'd love to hear from you!

From Aaliyah F.

Since 2005 when I met Tacia Taylor and her family, I have felt a strong connection to her and her ministry! I know that our meeting was not by chance but 100% intentional and ordered by God! I feel that God has blessed her with the gift to know exactly what your spirit needs through her preaching and teaching! In 2011, I asked her to come to my grand opening and pray for blessings over my business, she said “I’ll be there with no hesitation! She came and spoke the words “restoration“ over me, my gifts, and my business and I truly feel that the word, “restoration” has elevated me to new levels in my career thanks to her sharing what she knew the almighty’s vision was for me! I go back to that word anytime I am in doubt about what’s ahead for me! Manna Unlimited goes far beyond any words that she could preach, it’s the action that she puts behind it and how she uplifts people but especially women! I truly have to thank her for showing that love is a action word through her ministry! She is emboldened about God and what he has for his people and I love it!

From Alisa B.

I have been blessed and challenged through the ministry of Manna Unlimited.  I have always had a firm foundation in my faith but through this ministry, I was given the opportunity to get back to what I knew God was and is able to do.  I have had many prayer sessions and uplifting moments with its founder Tacia Taylor.  She came into my life when I was literally broken, we developed a friendship (sistership) and it has been everything but ordinary.  I learned early on that we are a lot alike and sometimes that meant that when she would minister to me, the word cut deep.  I always knew it was out of love and would move forward.  Through her ministry, she has challenged me to be the best me that I could ever be, continue to build a better relationship with God and to fulfill my purpose in life.   

From Tiffany W.

There are so many things I could say about Sis Tacia Taylor and  Manna Unlimited and how she  has blessed so many people.  The thing that sticks out the most is her love for uplifting women. She pours into so many people by using her own personal experience as a testimony to God's grace. Her transparency is been one of the things that has motivated me. She comes from a genuine place of "If God did it for me; he can do it for you." Sis. Tacia is relatable which makes it easy for you to feel comfortable sharing your own struggles. She not only pours into you; she listens. Then she equips you with the tools and scriptures to help you become a better version of yourself. She takes the time to make this ministry relevant and accessible through her conferences and live streaming and wants nothing more than to see women of God flourish. 

From Veatrice C.

Working with Minister Tacia Taylor over the past few years has truly been an honor. Her kind attitude and anointed spirit shines brightly every time I am in her presence. Minister Taylor has helped me and so many other women across the US understand the power of knowing that they are enough through her amazing women’s ministry. Her Manna Unlimited women's conferences always leave you spiritually fed and reset to focus more on the Word. 

Minister Taylor's new web series Tacia Talks is so very uplifting! Her empowering prayers and faith driven messages have assisted me in many personal situations when I needed a little more encouragement. Minister Taylor is a true role model and spiritual coach. I more than highly recommend that you connect with this appointed woman of God! 

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